La Princessa de Jedis (seeing_scarlet) wrote in weiss_gluhen,
La Princessa de Jedis

[Akayen] Friedensvertrag CD Report Vol.1 [Liquid Magick].rar

So at liquidmagick you can find semi-perm link dumps for various media. Latest one being [Akayen] Friedensvertrag CD Report Vol.1 [Liquid Magick].rar, part uno of 2 Weiss Kreuz CDs that were NOT sold in any stores and were available only to members of their fan club. (Yay Yahoo Japan!)

The first CD contains 2 20+ min talk segments similar to their Radio Selections and a bunch of short voice clips I couldn't figure out why they were doing it.

I ripped vol 1 and omg it comes with a booklet too. Enjoy till I stop being lazy and rip vol 2 where you get another 40+min talk session and a 8 min drama where they meet up in a bar and strip naked to sing drunken karaoke, oh wait that was a Radio Selection V.

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