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If this isn't allowed remove it, and I apologize :| This game is multifandom, and has WK RPers as well.

Welcome to Last Stop Gakuen

Once upon a time, there was a student. He wasn't particularly smart, or even well-liked (for justified reasons; he was a bit strange at times...) in his school, but other than his lower-than-average grades and lack of popularity-points, there really wasn't anything wrong with his time in High School.

This however, wasn't enough for the young student. These few unsatisfying years lay the founding to a never-fading and incomparable hate for all things that has to do with studying, or other parts of a normal school-life. Therefore, this individual set his mind on becoming a principal of the most untraditional school in history; a school without teachers, without class, without any other purpose than to be entertaining (to him).

But who would attend such a school? The answer was simple: no one. Not by their own free will, that is. But the creative mind doesn't give up that easily, and the solution was rather easy to find: kidnapping ♥

Let's get it started in here

|Introduction|Rules and FAQ|Upcoming Events|Questions|
|Taken Characters|Wanted Characters|Applications|Reservations|

We have a pending Nagi app and a Brad and Schuldig already in the game. We'd love to have some Weiss kittens to torture, as well as a Farfie and perhaps some others as well~ ♥
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