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Weiss Kreuz Gluhen

It's a Far and Long Road

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// M I S S I O N    S T A T E M E N T

This is a livejournal community dedicated to the posting and commenting on any topic (be it fan fiction, fan art, or just general babble) for fans of the anime, Weiss Kreuz Gluhen. This is purely for entertainment purposes and to bring together Gluhen fans in a forum where they can get together and express their love for the series.

// R U L E S

1.) No flaming. The intent of this community is to encourage friendly discussion and or/posting of Gluhen topics. If flaming does occur, the post/comment in question will be deleted and should it continue from the same person, said person will be banned from commenting. Please show others the common courtesy you would like to be shown.

2.) Given the wide variety of both yaoi, yuri, and het content that is in the Weiss fandom, we ask that you please be respectful of the opinions of others. You don't have to like a given pairing but that doesn't mean have to bash someone over the head for it either. It's that courtesy thing again.

3.) Any fan fiction and or/fan art needs to be listed in the subject/title bar as such. We ask that you please put such works behind a cut if they're directly in a post so that others' live journals are not choked up by mega posts (or pictures that might get them in trouble at work. ^__^)

4.) You are allowed to post advertisements for Weiss related RPGs (role playing games) on this community; however, we ask that you do this only in the capacity of seeking out new members. If for whatever reason you've stumbled onto Weiss RP journals for the first time while your enthusiasm is wonderful, we ask that you not spam the community with this discovery as this leads to annoyance for those members who get the same message over and over again because many of us belong to the same communities.

5.) It is against the Livejournal Terms of Service to hand out copyrighted materials on a community. For this reason, we ask that you please not post asking for episodes/music/etc in public as Weiss Gluhen has been licensed (English title Knight Hunters Eternity) for some time. We all love to share, but not if it means Livejournal admin shutting down the community.

// F A N F I C T I O N    G U I D E L I N E S

To post fan fiction for this community, we ask that you please include the following with the post:

Pairing: (If one)
Warnings: (Please include possible spoilers in this and or/explicit content such as graphic sex, violence, or language)
Status: (WIP? Finished?)
Disclaimer: (Just the Standard "I don't ownz it," will suffice.)

With all this being read and understood, we hope you enjoy your stay. ^__^

// M A I N T A I N E R S

sephyelysian, kasra_c & amet

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